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Edible Cardiff is an exciting, grassroots network of ‘growers’- local people, groups and organisations across Cardiff who grow their own produce –fruit, vegetables, herbs, salads, flowers and trees. Our aim is that Cardiff becomes known as an outstanding city for community growing in the UK. 

Together we see enormous potential in building strong connections to support each other and reaching out to more people across the city. We want more people to experience the amazing benefits of growing: improved mental, physical health and wellbeing, connectedness and friendship, greening the grey, creating nature havens and delicious hyper-local food, grown, harvested, cooked and shared amongst local people. We represent an active group of community growers and volunteers. Together, we support access to more land, growing more food and responding to community need. We help people to understand the benefits of growing, build on existing knowledge, skills and strengths, and reach out to new individuals, groups and communities.  

The Edible Cardiff network is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. It is a collaboration with Food Cardiff and Grow Cardiff, and is supported by Social Farms & Gardens.  

  • Nutritious food - we aim to increase the amount of food grown in Cardiff by supporting growing groups & individuals to grow their own food.  

  • Long-term sustainability - growing groups will be more resilient, through the increase in skills, confidence & connections provided by the network. 

  • Improve wellbeing - more people will have the opportunity to grow food for the first time: individuals growing at home & people engaging with projects.  

  • More land for growing - Edible Cardiff aims to successfully influence decision makers to increase support and resources for food growing across the city.

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