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Edible Cardiff Spring Gathering - March 2023

The Edible Cardiff Spring Gathering was held at Bute Park Education Centre on 24th March and was very well attended with about 25 adults and children coming along. 

After introductions, we started with a tour of Cardiff Salad Garden with Sophie.  She explained how the crops are grown and about successional sowing to ensure a consistent supply.  There was a chance to try the delicious salad leaves and buy a bag to take home. We then gathered in the classroom area where Sophie showed everyone how to sow seeds in the modular seed trays and some of the children took some trays home with them.

We enjoyed a delicious range of cakes from the Secret Garden Cafe before a discussion around how you feel we have done as a network and what more we can do to help support the community growing sector in Cardiff.   We also had our usual 'Help Offered' and 'Help Wanted' section.  This is a regular at our Gatherings as helping each other out is what it's all about!  

We talked about the Spring Festival and Have A Grow Day, both organised under Edible Cardiff to help community gardens celebrate the great work they are doing.  Every year we give out a number of small grants to help groups celebrate and open their doors to the public.  

We had a real treat to round off the day, an access all areas tour of the huge glasshouses that are usually hidden behind the tall brick walls in Bute Park!  Our members were shown how Cardiff Council gardeners and volunteers grow the huge range of lovely plants to not only use around the city's parks but also to supply us with our veg plug plants we give out each Spring to community gardens across Cardiff.  There's usually a freebie at a network Gathering and this time we invited everyone to take some veg plants home with them with an option to buy more. 

Everyone had a great time and it was lovely to see some children getting their hands dirty and taking some seeds home with them.   Have a look through the photos below and please look out for details of our next Gathering this summer!  

In the meantime, please remember we also have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with network news.   If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, please email

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